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  • When should I order or book an appointment?
    Custom orders usually take about 4 - 6 weeks to complete, and approximatly 3 days shipping. The best time to order your suit is 8 weeks out from your show, or when you are within about 10-12lbs of your estimated show weight.
  • How do I order my suit?
    Our website is set out so you can fully choose all of the options you wish for your bikini. Each and every bikini is custom made to your wishes unless it is from the quick ship or rental collection. 1. Look for inspiration on our gallery page 2. Look though our customization page for the colors of fabric and rhinestones you would like. Click on the image to see their names and make note 3. Go to the shop page, choose your suit from the collection that best suits your budget. Our bikinis are priced on number of stones, with equal spacing on front and back. 4. Fill out the customization sections with the options you would like. 5. Fill in your measurements using the instructions on the page of the suit you have chosen 6. Add to cart 7. If you wish to upgrade your connectors from the single row SS18 ( thinest conncectors) choose the upgrade you would like from the connectors collection and specify if they are for top or bottom. Each style of connector is priced per pair, if you would like matching top and bottom add the same style to your cart twice. 8. If you need any accessories such as shoes, jewellery, bikini bite or a CupCase add those to your cart as well. 9. Submit your order your suit should arrive between 4-6 weeks time. If you have questions or have a specific inspiration in mind please send an email though the contact us link.
  • What if I do not see exactly what I would like?
    Before placing your order please contact us directly though the contact us link or with an image of what you are looking for, as well as budget. we can work together make your dream suit come alive.
  • How do I measure?
    Measurements should be taken with a soft measuring tape, if you do not have one you can use a string to measure your body and lay it along a ridged measuring tape to see the distance. The tape or string should lay flat across your body, not pulled tightly. Bust: wear a bra that fits well is not constricing or padded. Measure around the fullest part of your bust. Include your bra size and whether or not you have implants. Band: Just under the bust and in the middle of your back Hips: measure around your lower abs/hip bones Glutes: measure around the fullest part of your glutes Rise: This measurment is very important and needs to be precise.While wearing a thong style panty, measure from the font where you want the top of the suit to be, between your legs to your tail bone, or where you want the bottoms to sit. Height: how tall you are Weight: please indicate your current weight as well as your predicted stage weight
  • How long does it take for a suit to be made?
    Generally from time of order it takes between 4 and 6 weeks for your custom suit to be made.
  • Do you have a payment plan?
    Yes we do. A 50% non refundable deposit is required to start work on your order. No work will start on your suit until the 50% is recieved. You may make as many payments in the amount you wish until your suit is paid in full. Your suit will not ship until it has been paid in full, along with any shipping costs. Please contact us at to set up a payment plan before you place your order.
  • How do the shoes fit?
    Generally speaking the Fabulicious posing shoes fit fairly true to size. It is generally suggested if you are in between sizes or have a slender foot to size down. The plastic on the shoes is very pliable and does stretch some. Also take into account that when dieting you will loose weight from all over your body, feet included. It is not uncommon for girls shoes to fit at the beginng of prep and be too big at the end of prep. Sizing down also eliminates your shoe bed from sticking out too far past your heel. If you have wide feet and are worried about the shoes being to snug, a good trick is to warm them up for a few seconds with a blow dryer to soften up the plastic and easily alow you to fit your foot in while helping to strech out the shoe.
  • How do I clean my suit?
    Caring for your Duchess Swimwear suit is an important step to maintain its beauty, luster and shine. The materials it is made of are delicate and require unique care to avoid damage. Please follow these steps and avoid the don'ts. ​ Things you will need: Sink or a large bowl Cool to lukewarm water Any delicate detergent formula preferably without dyes and fragrences such as Tide free and gentle, lingerie washes such as Eucalan Delicate, or any favorite you may have. Soft bristled toothbrush or soft nail brush Towel Fan or blow-dryer optional 1. Store your suit in a breathable manner. It is best to store your suit in the storage box you received it in, or a cloth bag. 2. After touch up and glazing wipe the gems with a clean cloth to remove any tan or glaze residue that has gotten on your suit. 3. Fill sink of cool to lukewarm water using your choice of detergent add it to the sink and mix the water till you see sudds. You will not need very much detergent as a sink doesn't have much volume. A tablespoon or two should be plenty. 4. Place your suit in the water and use a kneading motion. Let sit for a moment or two. Flip your suit and start on the inside where the glue is, pour a small amount of detergent directly on the glue. Take your brush and gently with little pressure run the brush over the area covered in glue. BE PATIENT getting all the glue off will take some time, but if you scrub to hard you will damage your suit. 5. Once all the glue is off the back be sure to clean the entire inside of the suit there will be tan residue on all areas, the majority of Duchess Swimwear suits are lined with black so it is hard to see but it is there. 6. Turn your attention the the rest of your suit. After working on the inside the suit will have soaked enough to help remove the tan and glaze from the front of the suit. Use your fingers to rub the suit paying special attention to the edges where glaze and tan will have gotten on your suit from backstage touch ups. You can use your brush on the stoned area to get in the spaces between stones and get out all the residue. Be very gentle though. The process that makes the fabrics shine with the overlays is a lamination process and if you scrub too hard it can come off and become dull. 7. Connectors can easily be scrubbed with your brush front and back, tan and glaze tend to accumulate in them and reduce their shine. 8. Once you are happy with the cleanliness of your suit you need to rinse. Drain the sink and fill with clean cool water. Place your suit in the sink and knead for several minutes. Drain refill and repeat until there are no more suds. You may gently press excess water out. DO NOT WRING OUT. 9. Lay your suit on a clean fluffy towel you may with little pressure roll the suit in the towel flip sides and repeat a few times to help remove excess water. Lay the suit out on the towel to dry. You may use a fan to circulate air, do not lay in direct sunlight. 10. Once your suit is dry, if there is still water in your connectors you may use your blow dryer to evaporate out any remaining water to prevent rust. 11. Place your suit back in your storage box or bag. ​ That is all it takes, it is a bit of a tedious task but be patient, gentle, do not rush and you will get excellent results.
  • What is your cancelation and return policy
    Orders must be cancelled within 24hrs. After 24hrs no refund will be given and orders will be completed and shipped as requested. If you have opted for the payment plan the 50% deposit is non refundable. Your suit will not be shipped until payment is made in full. All sales are final and returns are not permitted due to the custom nature of suits. This also applys to quick ships and rentals.
  • What is your rental program?
    Rentals are priced according to their respective retail price. Rentals must be reserved early for best options and availablity. To reserve contact us to let us know the date and location of your show you wish to wear it at. You are responsible for paying the full price of rental and a $100.00 damage deposit before your suit will be shipped or made avaialble. Shipping costs to and from are your responsibility as well as insurance for shipping. Suits will be shipped to you 2 weeks before your contest date and are to be returned no later than 1 week post show. Failure to do so will result in you being invoiced for the full cost of the suit. Damage deposit will be returned once the suit is returned in similar condititon to that of which it was sent.
  • What do I do if a stone falls off?
    It is not uncommon through regular wash and wear that a stone or two may come off. If this occurs, keep the stone in a safe place. You can re-glue it to your suit using any fabric glue that dries clear. When the suit is clean and dry, place a small dot of glue where you wish to replace the stone. Place the stone on top of the dot of glue using tweezers, lightly press the stone into the glue. Allow to dry overnight.
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