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A cornerstone of the Duchess Swimwear brand. It's what you can expect with each and every suit that we produce. All the elements that go into our products are thoughtfully selected to ensure that the beauty and creativity in our products last through all the wear and tear competitions can throw at them.


It all begins with fabric selection.  Only fabrics with superior weight, strength, texture and shine are selected. This ensures that the suit will hold up through repeated wear and will not lose its shape. A very important aspect of fabric quality is the adhesion of glue and gemstones, some fabrics are better than others, we only choose fabrics that won't result in all your rhinestones falling off.


The rhinestones we choose to use are Preciosa MC Chaton Rose VIVA 12 lead free crystal rhinestones. Preciosa was even the official crystal sponsor of Miss Universe. We use these rhinestones as they are a world leader in quality and the leading Swarovski competitor, but are at a much better price point. We can use Swarovski if requested, but pricing will be adjusted accordingly. You will never find glitter glue, or cheap plastic rhinestones on our products.


The connectors we choose to use are also the highest quality available. The metals and finishes are much stronger and thicker than others, and their construction is excellent. We do not use anything that has tinfoil thin metals with welds that break or claws that loosen causing stones to fall out.


The other elements that are used in the process are also selected to be the best. Our glue dries clear, does not leave wispy strings, and is washable. It is specially formulated to glue flat hard surfaces to fabrics. The threads uses are strong, do not fade or fray.


We also use black swimsuit liner to reduce the staining that comes from competition tanning products.  Bottoms are fully lined; tops are double lined with space for padding. The padding we use is a superior foam padding, that provide great support and shape while not weigh your top down similar to gels.


All components that are used are well thought out and selected to come together to produce a quality flawless product, that will help showcase all your hard work on stage.

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