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Duchess Swimwear began as a solution and as what seemed like a difficult problem for our local competitors, the question "Where do I get a competition bikini?"

There were no local suit designers within the Prairie Provinces, what was available for options were limited. There were local seamstresses that could sew, but didn't seem interested in specializing or accommodating the needs that come with competition suits. There were high profile suit designers, still not anywhere near local, which took on limited clients and had very high price tags. The other option were a couple different web retailers, the majority were American,  mass produced, and not truly custom, although you could choose between a couple styles an pick some fabrics or different gem stones, their bikinis were overpriced, mass produced, had a high price tag, and low quality.


This frustration was the inspiration behind Duchess Swimwear, to provide services that were what competitors were looking for but not available or just lacking in general. Our desire is to come up with cuts and styles based on each individual beauty, taking into consideration their personality, style, shape, physique, needs and their vision. Most importantly though to accomplish all that, but with the highest quality elements, to support our client, provide premium service, and most importantly to be affordable.

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