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Flying by the seat of my pants

Wow! That,s all I can say in a nutshell. I still feel like I am in a whirlwind, I have no clue how January turned into August. I firstly want to say thank you very much to everyone that has made this year so far, a busy one. Thank you to much to all those who have supported me, became customers, friends, my sponsored girls for putting up with me, and all of those who have collaborated with me on some of my projects.

I've done close to 30 suits already with thousands of rhinestones, still more in the works, a crazy winged dragon theme-wear costume, organized a photo shoot with numerous costume changes & girls in attendance. I was a sponsor at UFE Invasion where I gave out $1500.00 in certificates, and at both the SABBA Novice & provincials where the overall Bikini Champion won a $500.00 certificate. Congratulations to Jolene Rodgers who swept the province in her debut year and won them both.

I have feverishly been trying to catch up on all the behind the scenes stuff that come with running a business which is a lot more than I anticipated or bargained for. Its an interesting thing being your own boss and company developer, there are no rules, and I get to make them all up as I go along. which is fun and scary all at the same time. My girls, and customers always come first though. I've had so much fun making all the beautiful suits for each individual. I've done several suits that were not something I would have thought of or chosen that were excellent reflections of their personalities and turned out amazing.


I've had an idea in my head of what my blog will be like, and I promise it is all coming soon. There will be tips and tricks to choosing the right suit. Information on what goes into a suit and how that relates to cost. What to pack for your competitions ( I'm always very over prepared and have a very long list) I'll be writing about the photo shoot I organized. All sorts of bikini / competition related stuff.

Thanks for taking the time to read


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