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How to get Sponsored, What does it take?

First off I am going to start off with what a sponsorship is:

What is sponsorship? Sponsorship in general is an agreement between a brand or company and an athlete. Both sides enter into an agreement that is mutually beneficial for both parties. Most often, it is an offer of products in exchange for promotion. From the company's standpoint, it is a chance to connect with the community and market their product in the form of influencer marketing. From the point of the athlete it is a way to cut down on costs, add to your creditably, status as an athlete and a way to reflect the hard work you have put in.

Do you have what the brand is looking for?

Different brands look for different things from different people. But in general having been a client or someone who has used the product is an important first step, although not necessarily mandatory if you are a good fit for the brand.

Having a strong social following, or influence over many competitors & potential customers, as well as prior support to the brand on social media is also important. Sponsorship is a form of advertising and an athlete needs to be able to provide a return on investment for the dollars a company spends on you. The value your sponsorship brings the company is often balanced against other forms of advertising they can reach a very large audience through targeted adds. So ask yourself if you are worth the company spending their advertising dollars on you, and what you can provide directly through more sales or indirectly though brand awareness, promotion or events.

Are you marketable? You can bet a company you have applied to will search your Instagram, Facebook, other social media sites, Google you and so on. Being a charismatic, bright vibrant personality is a must. Rude, inappropriate, and negative overtones on your pages will result in your application being passed over and not considered. Having social media in relation to the industry you are wanting to become involved in is also a must. If you are asking for a sponsorship from Duchess Swimwear, it is a very safe bet that your social media should have something to do with fitness.

What not to do

Approaching a brand you have never used and asking for free product in exchange for promotion is not usually the best approach. Many many people apply for sponsorship saying they love my suits and would be honoured to wear them. Sponsorship spots are limited, and when these applicants do not receive a spot, they often have not become customers afterwards. Statements like that do not carry much weight. Instead of saying sponsor me then I will promote you. Having already established a relationship with the company and explain how you already tell people how much you love the product will shine a light on you.

What do you get

Benefits from sponsorship generally include, free suits to wear with an optional buyout, the chance to earn a free suit based on referrals, discounts, free product, gifts and other freebie's like admission to shows etc or a combination on these incentives. Each sponsorship for each individual is different, it is dependent on who you are, what you bring to the table, and your history with my company. Traditionally I have also extended invitations to attend our annual photo shoot, which is a completely funded event including makeup & tan. You are also offered the opportunity to shoot with the photographer afterwards for personal use photo's. You also get promotion from our company and support from the team of girls as well.

What you have to commit to

  • Represent Duchess Swimwear in a positive manner.

  • May not represent any other swimwear companies while under contract with Duchess Swimwear.

  • Primarily recommend Duchess Swimwear to clients or connections asking for suit maker advice.

  • May only wear Duchess Swimwear suits at all competitions entered while under contact with Duchess Swimwear * this is exclusive to competitions and not other activities such as photo shoots

  • Must attend at least one show at a provincial (or equivalent i.e. UFE elite) national, international, or professional level show. Organization does not matter, model searches do not count.

  • Must wear Jewelry supplied by Duchess Swimwear & robe when comfortable backstage.

  • Must attend any photo shoots organized by Duchess Swimwear that you are asked to participate in. If unable to participate you must provide professional photos of you wearing the suit preferably on a neutral type background, these will be added to the Duchess Swimwear website. Stage shots are not preferred for the website but are acceptable for social media. Ample notice will be given as far as dates and times. It is not necessary for you to be in contest shape, but appropriate shape for the photo shoot is required.

  • Must keep all appointments made, 24hrs notice is required for any cancellation or rescheduling.

  • Must post about your sponsorship on social media outlet you have accounts with.

  • Make by- weekly postings on your social media clearly promoting Duchess Swimwear.

  • Make postings when receiving the suit, as well as leading up to and on your show date promoting your suit.

  • ALL photos posted of you via social media wearing Duchess Swimwear suits you must give credit to Duchess Swimwear in the description by tag our Instagram and Facebook account as well as add #DuchessSwimwear.

  • Must allow Duchess Swimwear to tag you in social media posts.

  • You must like all social media posts made by Duchess Swimwear.

  • Must share all social media posts made by Duchess Swimwear when they relate to deals or deadlines involving our products, you will be tagged in posts you are wished to share. General info or update style posts are not required to be shared.

  • Can not disclose sponsorship details or pricing that you were provided.

  • Cannot sell any suit provided to you while under contract with Duchess Swimwear.

In Closing

​Sponsorship should be thought of no different than a job. It is not a free trial or give away, You will have requirements and expectations to meet. It can also be fun and rewarding and open up further opportunities for you within the industry.

So if you think you have what it takes, please fill out the application on the sponsorship page.

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